How It Works


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60 minute 1:1 in person discussion with your coach to get to know YOU; your history, your priorities, your values, your goals and of course where you are right now. In the consultation we’ll dig into your inner workings before measuring your physical attributes in assessment.

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Your coach will provide you with education and guidelines around nutrition to help you maximise your performance and pursuit of your goals.

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Your coach will give you a number of different assessments/tests to identify structural strength ratios, movement and mobility balances, and work capacity scores.



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All your workouts and day to day communication will be tracked through FitBot. All this can be accessed through your phone, where you will receive your weekly schedule.

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Program design

After the Consultation and Assessment phase your coach will have a better understanding to be able to design a completely individualised program that is tracked and monitored through FitBot.

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monthly consult

The ultimate goal of the monthly consult is to ensure your progress as well as build a relationship with your coach. You will update them on lifestyle, sleep, nutrition and stress to ensure they build the best program for you.