What does it all mean?

Lets not put a hat on it - Life can be damn hard and sometimes cruel. Whilst we strive to remain positive and ahead of the curve, it can be fraught with challenge, suffering, uncertainty and doubt. If we are not on the ball these negative aspects of life can get the better of us and throw us off track; lead us towards temptation and the slippery slope to all things ‘bad’. Having meaning in your life can be your shining light - your north star and guidance; giving you direction towards your largest life even when times are tough. Without meaning it would be all too easy to stray off path.

Meaning can be found through responsibility. 

“Responsibility for what?” you might ask.

Well, first and foremost you have a responsibility as an individual to take care of yourself and be a good person; perhaps the best person you can be? You have personal responsibility to make the right choices and be accountable for your actions.

“How do I become the best person I can be?”

Through careful achievable increments of self improvement.

“OK, but where do I start and what do I improve first?”

You start low and you improve slow! To make any improvement you need a line in the sand, a ground zero to work from and measure any subsequent progress. To establish the starting point, it is essential to look at yourself critically in an attempt to weed out the good from the bad, the useful from the useless. This is difficult and requires a lot of honesty and a good helping of self awareness. 

The next step is no picnic - you’ll need to remove the bad and useless. This can take a little time and be painful, but extremely necessary, because what you are left with is a realistic starting point - the current best elements of yourself. This might be a shockingly short list if there was a lot of bad to begin with, and it may well be a blow to the ego, but it is real, and its a start so stick with it you must.

“OK cool, so I have a starting point. Now what?”

Now we’re back to your incremental steps of self improvement. The first step up MUST be within reach. It might be something that doesn’t seem very worthwhile to your old self, perhaps because your ego is demanding bigger results and fast, but no - a small obtainable step is most certainly required to set yourself up for success. Follow this up with another small improvement, and another, and so on…with consistency, for years.

Through this practice discipline is formed. Discipline to resist challenges and temptation along the way (whilst difficult in the moment) will yield a positive outcome long term.

“How will I know if I’m on the right path?”

Good question, and only through making a start will you truly find out. You can have a plan of course i.e. What do I want my life to look like in 10 years? Take that vision, compare it where you are now, and out pop the missing pieces and elements you need to change to make your vision a reality. However, only if the journey is engaging and gripping and captures your focus for all the right reasons will you really know that you’re headed in the right direction.

Meaning is an instinct. It is hard wired into our brains. To live a life without meaning would be a life unfulfilled at best, and at worst miserable and depressing. For this reason we at OPEX Manchester place great value in helping our clients find their own meaning and purpose to unlock the potential for their largest life.

In doing so, we also help them figure out how fitness links into their bigger picture and meaning. This helps to create real intent and a higher level of consciousness in and around their training and lifestyle habits, therefore leading to continual improvements of outcome.

Responsibility and meaning correlate. To ensure they correlate positively, increase your responsibility to increase your meaning.

Dom Beardwell