What is 'OPEX' in the world of fitness?


The world now customises everything. Customised news feeds on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, and customised buying experiences through Amazon to name a few. Everywhere you look, the world is moving toward the exact demands YOU have.

We’re also entering the future of fitness, and that future is also customised. Fitness technology puts YOUR vital signs onto a big screen TV in the gym; body scanning shows you where YOUR “health” is every day; watches and wearable devices tell YOU “where your stats are” throughout the day. Like it or not, we’re in a completely different world than we were 3 years ago.

This change leads to the natural question “Where can I enjoy a customised fitness program with the support I need to to reach the biggest goals in my life AND have fun doing it?" OPEX is that answer!

OPEX pairs you with your own one to one coach. They are your guide through your fitness journey. Not only do they tailor your fitness experience to you, you’ll enjoy a real relationship with them. They support your training day in and day out, but they do not babysit you; they empower you!

Your OPEX coach has monthly consultations with you to ensure that your progress continues into perpetuity. They work with you on a customised nutrition and lifestyle plan to meet your needs and goals.  They assess and track your physical abilities consistently so that they have the truth and never guess as to what you need next.  Your coach then designs your entire training program for you. They deliver your program to you directly through your phone. Then, YOU execute the workout, YOU earn the results, and YOU feel inspired.

Why does your coach do all of that? Their own purpose is to help you reach YOUR goals. They don’t push you into somebody else’s goals.  They don’t harm your body with workouts that may go against your body’s needs or restrictions.  And, they don’t promise you the world and then not “show up.” Your coach is committed to be with you for years!

Along with your one to one coach, you’ll always have a coach with you on the training floor. Not only will your floor coach help you with movement, they will also make sure you’re getting the results from every workout for you. They are like the conductor of the orchestra. They don’t ‘play the instruments’; they set the tone, keep things safe and make the whole thing fun.

Community matters. In an OPEX Gym, you will work out in a group environment whilst carrying out your customised program. You will enjoy team camaraderie where you and the rest of the OPEX clients know exactly why they train, how fitness benefits you/them both in and out of the gym, and how to enjoy each training session.

OPEX is the perfect combination of one to one coach and client support in a group environment. Your customised fitness program in an OPEX Gym is the last fitness program you’ll ever need.

Dom Beardwell