…is the answer we receive from a lot of clients when first faced with the question around their goals, and that is OK. Why is it OK? Because in fitness there is currently major confusion around ‘end goals’ and the process/journey it takes to get there.

With current trends referring to all gym goers as ‘athletes’ or 'competitors', clients (not athletes) are feeling compelled to set athlete style goals; linking goals and progress to numbers – measurable data that we can check off as we go – measurable data which at one time was reserved only for athletes wanting to progress in a particular sport where numbers matter; where points mean prizes. In many peoples minds these numbers are not motivating and do not link to fulfilment.

With limited consideration of ‘why?’ in fitness, alongside a lack of awareness of goals that might seem ‘unmeasurable’, you can see why it would be tempting to attach numbers to progress and goals in fitness. However, this is not a good fit for everyone. A professional coach on your side will help you establish your real motivation.

Examples of Unmeasurable Goals…

“I want to feel better”

“I want to look good”

“I want more energy”

"I want my libido back"

“I want less stress”

Do any of those make more sense to you when visualising the outcome of improving your health and fitness? If so, great! As your coach, it is our job to prompt a conversation to connect the dots between your personalised fitness plan and your unmeasurable goals…

e.g. training 4 times a week consistently + improved food quality will help you “look good” and “have more energy”. This may make more sense to that client than aiming for a 150kg deadlift or a sub 20 min 5km row.

Numbers ARE what make some clients tick, and that is OK too. Ongoing assessment is weaved through the core of our system, and through that assessment we dig deeper into what it is that makes you tick. So, if you do have numbers attached to your goals, we’ll be looking closer over time at what those numbers REALLY mean to you.

As coaches, we use numbers across the board as feedback to us to assess and track progress, to make sure that we are getting the desired results. In this case numbers are OUR tool, and should not be projected back onto the client. The carrot for you, the client, is the fulfillment you get from the process, and all the unmeasurable goodies that come as a result..."I'm waking up full of energy", "I feel less bloated and inflamed", "I'm happy, horny and hungry", "the little things bother me less now", etc.

At OPEX Manchester it is our job to create that alignment for you throughout your long-term journey and progress through fitness.

Dom Beardwell