Good Habits = Large Life

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Our slogan at OPEX Manchester is Live Large. ‘Live Large’ will mean something different to each individual, and that is the essence of what we do; we customise your health and fitness prescription to enable you to live YOUR largest life.

How do we do that?

Don’t worry about the ins and outs of exercise program design and lifestyle/nourishment prescriptions; lets set that to one side for this blog. The higher level answer is that we help you form good habits. 

Habit: in psychology, any regularly repeated behaviour that requires little or no thought and is learned rather than innate. A habit—which can be part of any activity, ranging from eating and sleeping to thinking and reacting—is developed through reinforcement and repetition.

We reinforce, you repeat, but not mindlessly: We help you form good habits that align with your highest values, and break bad habits that do not. We also educate you: To get your buy in [and therefore consistency] requires us to help you understand the consequences of your actions - the coach/client relationship is a partnership, not a dictatorship. 

If you’ve come to us in the first instance it’d be a reasonable assumption that your health and wellbeing is on your list of values/priorities. Here are our top 5 habits for improved health and wellbeing:

  1. More Sleep / Sleep Quality: 7-9 hours unbroken sleep.

  2. Daily Rhythm: wake and sleep at the same time daily, whilst having adequate energy throughout the day for your function without the need for external stimulants.

  3. Life Balance: One day we will die, apply work, rest, play and social interactions appropriately.

  4. Food Quality / Hygiene: Eat whole unprocessed foods, home cooked, varied, sufficient protein, lots of veg, good hydration throughout the day, and CHEW.

  5. Blood Flow: MOVE daily

Have you seen that list before? Maybe. Have you been able to stick to them? Maybe not. Thats where we help: Understanding YOU as a human through careful assessment; your personal filters and biases, your priorities and values, your personality type, your past experiences, your inner dialogue and self perception, your learning preference, all help us establish the best way for you to modify your behaviour to create the new habits that will lead to your largest life.

NB. Without wanting to end on a morbid note - Genetics are responsible for only 15% of chronic disease. The other 85% are determined by external factors such as:

  • parents health at time of conception [their habits]

  • social interactions and relationships [habit]

  • diet [habit]

  • environment [habit]

  • lifestyle choices [habit]

Dom Beardwell