How It Works


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60 minute 1:1 in person discussion with your coach to get to know YOU; your history, your priorities, your values, your goals and of course where you are right now. In the consultation we’ll dig into your inner workings before measuring your physical attributes in assessment.

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Your coach will provide you with education and guidelines around nutrition to help you maximise your performance and pursuit of your goals.

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Your coach will give you a number of different assessments/tests to identify structural strength ratios, movement and mobility balances, and work capacity scores.



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All your workouts and day to day communication will be tracked through FitBot. All this can be accessed through your phone, where you will receive your weekly schedule.

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Program design

After the Consultation and Assessment phase your coach will have a better understanding to be able to design a completely individualised program that is tracked and monitored through FitBot.

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monthly consult

The ultimate goal of the monthly consult is to ensure your progress as well as build a relationship with your coach. You will update them on lifestyle, sleep, nutrition and stress to ensure they build the best program for you.




On Site Memberships

Individually designed training plans.

Build an authentic 1:1 client-coach relationship focussed on your development.

Nutritional & lifestyle coaching to optimise your fitness.

Flexible training times to suit your lifestyle.

Join a community of like minded people.

Access all of your training plans and instructional videos from any device

Expert 1:1 hands on coaching where required.

In person monthly check ins

Remote memberships

Individually designed training plans.

Build an authentic 1:1 client-coach relationship focussed on your development.

Nutritional & lifestyle coaching to optimise your fitness.

Flexible training times to suit your lifestyle.

Join a community of like minded people.

Access all of your training plans and instructional videos from any device

Direct contact at any time

Video call monthly check ins

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The Gym

Opex Manchester is based Heald Green South Manchester.  Designed by the award winning Manchester Design Studio, NoChintz we have 10,000 square foot of training spaces over two floors, large changing and shower facilities, treatment rooms.

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Craig Massey // head coach

Craig has a lifetime of experience in sport; both being coached and coaching others. After 12 years as an Engineer in the construction industry, Craig’s on-going passion for fitness brought him to a life changing decision; leaving the security of his current career to fulfil his goals in the fitness industry - helping others to be the best version of themselves through fitness.

Following and learning from OPEX since 2009, Craig has a wealth of experience in Program Design, Nutrition and Lifestyle guidance across a wide variety of clients; from the mother of 2 looking for general health and well being, to professional career person looking to carefully balance their fitness progression with their busy work schedule, to budding athletes; sport specific or within the sport of fitness.


Darren Freeman // coach

Darren has been involved in the fitness industry for over 20 years, hand made it his full-time profession in 2008. Darren has been Head Coach of TRAIN Manchester since 2012 and over the past 10 years has helped 1000’s of people achieve their personal goals. Becoming an OPEX coach has given Darren the solid platform he needs to continue to improve his service in helping individuals push their boundaries and achieve all manner of goals.

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Dan Campbell // coach

After completing a law degree and working in the legal profession for a number of years Dan made a major life change to pursue a career he is truly passionate about as a fitness coach.  His sporting background is broad and encompasses martial arts, semi professional rugby, athletics and Crossfit.  His focus is on coaching individuals looking to improve the quality of their lives and movement through exercise. Dan is experienced with working with individuals with limitations resulting from injuries and helping them to rehabilitate and work around those injuries and limitations in order to help them to achieve a better quality of health and fitness.

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Ollie Barnes // coach

As an integral part of his football career, fitness has always been major passion and ongoing education piece for Oli. After starting CrossFit with Craig Massey in 2006 as one of the UK’s ‘originals', Oli’s journey and education through fitness has brought him to OPEX Individual Design (ID). 

Oli sees our ID service as the only way to fulfil both the client’s requirements through carefully structured program design, nutrition and lifestyle guidance, AND his own visions and goals as a coach.



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Georgie Shears

After giving birth to two children, our client, Georgie, needed a training programmed which was individualised to her rather than group classes. Our individual programming ensures that Georgie is moving safely and effectively to reach her goals whilst maintaining a busy work and family life.

Georgie Shears, 38, Manchester
"My coach learns about me and then uses that to tailor the program specifically; what every day looks like for me, how much time is available to train/perform necessary mobility exercises, what my nutrition looks like on a daily basis, how much sleep/down time I get, how my body moves, what my strengths and weaknesses are and therefore exactly what I need from my training.

The work contained in the program is always so varied and progressive, making it lots of fun and really challenging. This means not only do I get the physical benefits of the session, but also the headspace I need giving me emotional benefits too.

My coach is always keeping up with the changes that occur both in my body (energy levels, stress, injuries etc) and also in every day life (children, work, sleep etc). When I have limited time to train, the program is adapted to ensure I get the most out of shorter sessions. If I am lacking in sleep, or my body is under stress, the program is adapted to ensure my body isn’t overloaded and that the movements I perform are beneficial rather than adding further stress to my system."

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Gary Bramwell

Individual design programming helped our client, Gary, break through his plateau as his training age increased. 

Gary Bramwell, 42, Manchester
"I love training, but as I started to get older I felt myself slowing and hitting a plateau. I needed to mix it up, challenge myself again and get my fitness levels back up.

My goals are to improve my fitness and keep my body looking good. I felt a programme that took my strengths and weaknesses into account would be the ideal way to achieve that.

I now have a greater understanding of why I'm doing certain exercises and the benefits of them as I can talk this through with my coach. I absolutely would recommend OPEX Manchester for anyone who has something to aim for and wants to see the progression in their programming."

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TasHa Watkiss

Individual design programming helped our client Tasha find her motivation for training again and achieve her goals after the CrossFit Open. Whether you're a competitor or not, individual programming can help you overcome plateaus and train efficiently and effectively for longer.

Tasha Watkiss, 28, Manchester
"The biggest benefit of an individualised programme is that I don't have the stress of wondering if I am doing the right training or if I am doing too much/too little. That side of things is taken care of by an experienced coach so I can just relax and put all my focus into getting the work done.

I work shifts so the programme allows me to fit my training around work, when it's convenient for me. I find it easy to track my progress as the programme is structured to advance and build on itself each week according to my feedback, and it is satisfying to input my results at the end of a session and look back to see how I have improved from previous weeks. I get lifestyle and nutrition guidance and recipes from my coach included in the programme, which is a side of things I didn't focus on in the past.

I would definitely OPEX Manchester because it is flexible to any situation and helps anyone to achieve what they want from my training, through structured programming. Also, I can't wait to check my email in the morning to find out what my training will be each day, it has made me excited about training again!"